Alyssa Cerda is in their second year working under Dr. Stephen Russell to manage the SOGI: Health and Rights Research Lab. Their research focuses on lesbian relationships and identity formation using sociology models Feeling Rules and Emotional labor. Aly aims and hopes to conduct rigorous research that emphasizes and shares lesbian adversity, addresses the many diverse intersectional lesbian identities, and focuses on mental health and advocacy for these marginalized groups.

Areas of Interest:

  • Intersectionality and Sexual-Gender Minority status
  • Relationship Quality and Emotional Labor
  • Mental Health among sexual and gender minorities


Clegg, C., White, K., Cerda, A. N., Kirken, V. (in progress). White-Knuckling Through Life: Predicting Aggression Through Romantic Attachment, Emotional Intelligence, and Maladaptive Personality.

Cerda, A. N. (in progress). Forced to Feel and Feeling Free: An Interview Study on How Lesbians Experience Feeling Rules and Emotional Labor in Their Romantic Relationships.